Rolex Explorer 1016 from 1967, sold to Finland.



Very rare Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer ref.1016 from 1967–-68. Superlative Chronometer. With original Finnish purchase papers. Watch has original MK1 frog foot tritium matte dial, in excellent condition and original tritium hands. Original rounded acrylic crystal. Rolex cal. 1570 automatic movement has been fully serviced. Case back is stamped IV-67. According to the serial number 173xxxx, the watch was made in 1968.

The watch comes with the original 7206/58 riveted steel bracelet (clasp code 4/69). Watch comes with original Rolex, green “coffin” box (like-new condition), an outer box and original purchase receipt from Finnish retailer Kultakönni from 1975, a green Rolex protective pocket and a red chronometer tag. The case is waterproof, tested at +3.0/-0.7bar. Case diameter is 36 mm.

Watch comes with a 12-month service warranty.

We acquired this watch from its first owner. He had purchased it new in Valkeakoski at the Kultakönni shop. The peculiar thing is that the watch was made in 1968, but it was not sold until 1975. Was the watch too valuable, causing it not to sell for several years in wake of the 1973 oil crisis?

Previous owner of the watch told us that he had bought it for 675 Finnish marks. The official price for a 1974-–75 Rolex Explorer with a steel bracelet was 785 Swiss francs (equivalent of approx. 1100 Finnish marks), meaning that the buyer got a good discount on it. Unfortunately, the chronometer certificate and instructions for the watch have been lost.

Matte dial Explorer

In 1966-–67, the Explorer 1016 model gilt dials were replaced with matte dials. Known dials include the Mk1 to Mk5 models and the Service version. Only the first Mk1 model contained the “frog foot” Rolex crown logo. The bracelet also started to change from the Riveted 7206 version to the new Folded 7836 model. In reality, however, the riveted models were used all the way until 1971.