18k Rolex Submariner 1680 from 1975



Very fine and rare 18k Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner ref. 1680 from approx. 1975. Original blue nipple-dial has aged to even brown colour. Tritium dial and hands. Original blue bezel with silver numbers and small tritium dot. Original unpolished 18k Oyster case is still in very good condition. Original crown and steel crown tube. Caseback is stamped 1680 and 18k mark. Case is still waterproof. Case size is 40mm.

Watch has Rolex cal.1570 automatic chronometer movement. Movement is tested and in very good condition.

Original 18k Oyster bracelet is still in very good condition. These early 18k Oyster bracelet links were different from steel versions and links were attached by tube and pin. Bracelet has original divers attachment in place.

Watch is comes with rare Rolex green inner and outer watch box, Rolex green wallet with Rolex 1975 calender, Your Rolex document, translation and red chronometer tag. No chronmeter certificate.

According to case serial 4,09xxxx watch was made in 1975 (Bob’s serial list).

Watch comes with 12-month service warranty.

Rolex presented this 18k Submariner in 1969. First version came with black “meters first”, “nipple” dial and black bezel. Later meter rating changed to “feet-first” setup. Blue dial-blue bezel version was introduced in 1971. Submariner 1680 was in production until 1979.

Almost all of the blue dialed Submariners have aged to tropical colours, usually different shades of purple and sometimes brown. Blue color in bezel was more age resistant and has usually stayed blue, although somewhat lighter than original.

It is very common that bezel has been changed during service and new bezels can be spotted by looking for color combination. Silver print on blue in early bezels is orignal, gold print on blue is later iteration. Font size was much thicker and lume dot sizes were smaller in original bezels.