18k Omega Automatic dresswatch from 1950



Rare 18k Omega Automatic dresswatch from 1950. Watch with Finnish history and original box and papers. Watch dial has a rare silvered waffle-dial with gilded Dauphine-hands. 18k gold unpolished case is made in Argentina as is original 18k Milanese-type bracelet.

Watch has Omega cal. 351 bumper automatic movement which is in excellent condition. Movement is tested and regulated and it works very well. Case size is 35mm.

Watch comes with original Omega certificate and green Omega watch box.

Watch comes with 12-month service warranty.


This watch was aquired by Finnish sailor who worked as a Steward in cargo ship. This ship was sailing in Finnish South-American Line in turn of 1940-50’s. Watch was bought from Buenos Aires in Argentina from shop named El Meridiano. Shop location was at 343 San Martin, close to Puerto Madero-harbour.  It had been on family collection and passed to steward’s son who eventually sold it to our collection.


In the era of president Juan Perón 1946-1955 and 1973-1974, Argentina was governed with what was called Peronism or Justicialismo. That ment that Perón with his govermant took control all foreign trade and import. Perón’s idea was that Argentina ought to be fully self sustained in all areas in trade as well as society. 

In practise, this ment that all industrial manufacturing and artisanal production was ordered to be made in Argentina, not imported from abroad, unless absolutely neccessary. This happened in most of manufacturing, but not with watch movements. For watches Argentina didn’t have suitable expertise so it was allowed to import watches from Swizerland and other countries. But Argentina had very strong national jewelry and goldsmithing trade, so only watch movements were allowed, all watch cases had to be made in Argentina.  Many watch manufacturers therefore abided and had their watch cases made in Argentina. For example Omega, Girard Perregaux and Jaeger LeCoultre had their own manufacturing in Argentina. These watch cases were usually stamped Industria Argentina. It is generally acknowledged, that watch case manufacturing quality in Argentina was equivalent to Swiss production.

This watch has case and bracelet is made by Omega in Argentina and stamped with Industria Argentina stamp. Movement is made in swizerland.