18k Movado Grand Complication pocket watch from the 1920s



Very rare 18k gold Movado Grand Complication minute repeater pocket watch with moon phase, calendar and chronograph mechanism from the 1920s. Fully restored and completely functioning watch.

This repeater has a large 18k gold case and a flawless white enamel dial that, in addition to the normal time display (hour, minute and second), shows the day of the month, the day of the week and the month. The dial also has moonphase display by blue enamelled moon with gold stars. The calendar mechanism can be set by using the steel levers found on the side of the dial.

Minute repeater functions by pressing the repeater pusher on the side of the watch. Repeater hammers strike to two wire gongs around movement, indicating the time of day. The repeater strikes first the hour using one hammer (low tone), then the quarter hours by two hammers, and finally the minutes (high tone) with one hammer.

Watch also has a chronograph stopwatch complication. Starting, stopping and resetting the chronograph is done using a separate gold pusher. The dial and movement are protected by a genuine, very thin savonnette glass.

The watch has a 12-month service guarantee.

We also have several different gold chains available for the watch.

The following text has been engraved on the inside of the case: Fabrique Movado, surete, Expositions Universelles, Paris 1900, Liège 1905, Grand Diplome D´honneur, Chronographe Quantimes, Phases de lune, Repetitions á Minutes, no. 221315.

The term Grand Complication refers to a pocket watch or wristwatch that has at least three different additional mechanisms (complications) in addition to the normal time display: stopwatch functions (chronograph, seconde-morte, split-second, etc.), calendar functions (calendar, annual calendar, perpetual calendar, sidereal time display, etc.) and a striking mechanism (repeater, musical mechanism, passing-strike, wake-up, etc.). The most complex known Grand Complication pocket watch is the so-called Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication that contains a total of 24 different complications.