Rolex Explorer II 16550 “Panna” from 1986



Rare Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II “Panna” from 1986. Ref. 16550. Sn. 932xxxx. All parts fully original. Rare cream-colored Panna rail-dial with tritium plots and tritium hands. New and sharp 16550 bezel (original comes along). The Rolex cal. 3085 automatic chronometer movement is in excellent condition and was serviced in 2019. Original Rolex Oyster ref.78360/501B steel bracelet, clasp code K7 (July 1986). The watch is waterproof, tested at +10/-0.7bar. No box/documents. The diameter of the case is 40 mm.

The watch has a 12-month service warranty.

The watch’s nickname “panna” is Italian for “cream.” Originally white in color, the dial turned ivory or sometimes dark cream-colored. This happened only in few of the very first 16550 models. This watch has that color even and strong and it is really rare.

The “Rail” dial in this model refers to the orientation of the text “Superlative Chronometer” and “Officially Certified” on the dial. The words “Chronometer” and “Certified” are positioned perfectly on top of each other (C-C). Rolex used this positioning only in the early Exp II models made during the first few years. The positioning of the texts was different in later Explorer II 16550/16570 models.