Rolex Explorer 1016 Gilt from 1960



Very rare, first Explorer 1016 model from 1960. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer, Superlative Chronometer. The interior of the case back is stamped with 1/60. Swiss-Gilt-Gloss-Chapter Ring-MK1-Radium dial with radium hands is in exceptionally good condition.

Original Rolex cal. 1560 automatic movement with steel reversing wheels is fully serviced. Steel case is in good condition. Case back shows signs of being opened, but the case is still splashproof. Very rare Rolex 6636/58 flexible bracelet from 1965 (2/65). The diameter of the case is 36mm.

The watch has a 12-month service warranty.

Rolex introduced the Explorer 1016 model in 1959. The 1016 replaced the previous Explorer 6610 model. This model featured the new, improved automatic movement cal. 1560. In the first 1016 models, the dial was glossy and the markings on the dial were etched and gilded. The early Gilt Chapter Ring dials were easy to identify because of the color of the texts and the thin minute bezel around the dial. Dials made between 1960 and 1962 were marked only with the text “Swiss”, located at the 6 o’clock mark, back when Rolex still used radium as the luminous material.

The watch comes with a very rare ref. 6636 flexible steel bracelet with 20 mm ref. 58 end links. The 6636 model is rare because all of its links are sprung, allowing the bracelet to follow the wearer’s wrist movements.