Petter Ernst, Stockholm



Rare table clock by swedish clockmaker Petter Ernst (1714–-1784). Petter Ernst was Sweden’s most famous clockmaker of the Rococo period.

He started his career in Vaxjö and he was known to be very gifted maker of all kinds of machines. He sent few of his early machines to Royal Academy of Sciences for evaluation. They were very surprised of his skills and quality of make and asked him to take charge of Stockholms Manufabrique, institution which was producing clocks and scientific equipment for Academy ond other royal institutions. He was given full salary for overseeing factory and option to have also own private clients. Most of Manufabrique’s production was clocks and those were usually signed and numbered. Part of his production bears also a year stamp. It is presumed that these clocks were made by order for Academy, but it is not know for sure. The movement of this clock is stamped with mark F, which refers to production year 1764. Under dial bezel is signature Lindmarck, which refers to Jonas Lindmarck ( born 1727)  who was working as apprentice in Petter Ernst manufabrique. 

Early Empire-style case was made by Ernst’s pupil and workshop manager Sven-Petter Hörning (1750–-1808). The case has hand-sawn mahogany veneer and ormolu-gilded ornaments. Very high quality movement is fully restored and comes with a 24-month service warranty.

Size is 31,5 x 50cm.


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Weight 12 kg