Harvinainen Omega lentäjän kronografi ref. CK2078 v.1941


Hyvin harvinainen Omegan teräskuorinen lentäjän kronografi vuodelta 1941. Ref. CK2078. Koneisto on Omegan cal. 28.9 CHRO T2. Alla lisätietoa tästä harvinaisesta koneistomallista. Koneisto ja kellotaulu on restauroitu. Kellon mukana tulee Omega museon Extract from Archives jonka mukaan kello on myyty suomeen v.1941. Kellon mukana tulee alkuperinen Omegan kellolaatikko. Kuoren halkaisija n.33mm. Ranneke on Hirsch London alligator 18-14.

Alla lisätietoa koneistosta:

The particularity of the present watch is its movement, the famous Omega calibre 28.9 CHRO based on the Lemania calibre 13CH, Omega’s first small wrist-chronograph movement. It was most notably used in the firm’s chronograph wristwatches worn by the famous aviator Amelia Earhart during her attempted equatorial flight in 1932, and Italo Balbo’s team participating at the Italian Air Ministry’s Rome – Chicago race in 1933.
Calibre 28.9 CHRO is illustrated and described in Omega – A Journey Through Time by Marco Richon, p. 530.


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