Omega Railmaster CK2914 from 1960



Very rare and sought after Omega Railmaster CK2914-4 SC from 1960. Watch dial has original radium lume, mu-metal dial and broad-arrow radium hands. Original, unpolished steel case. Original Naiad-Mercedes crown. Recently serviced Omega cal. 285 manual movement. The diameter of the case is 38 mm. Hand-stitched Italian strap.

According to the movement’s serial number this watch was made in 1960. Accompanying Omega Extract from Archived document states, that this watch was deliverd in June 1960 to Sweden.

Watch has 24-month service warranty.

Antimagnetic watches were developed to be used by scientists, electrical and railway engineers and technicians. The Railmaster model was in production between 1957 and 1963, and it is part of the same highly sought after series as the Omega Speedmaster and Omega Seamaster 300 diver’s watch.

The first antimagnetic watch was the Ingenieur model introduced by IWC in 1955. Omega introduced its Railmaster model in 1957, and Rolex introduced its Milgauss model in 1958. The movement of the Railmaster was protected against magnetism on all sides. The thick dial was made of mu-metal, the crown was a tightly sealed Naiad special crown, and the movement was also surrounded by a protective mu-metal casing. This structure protected the watch against magnetic fields up to 1,000 gauss.

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