Le Roy a Paris mantel clock



This French pendulum clock is made in 1820’s in Paris. Enamel dial is signed Le Roy, á Paris. Ormolu gilded case depicts Henry IV, the most popular king of France. Clock case portrays Henry IV writing his famous phrase on a scroll, “Tout est perdu fors l’honneur”, “All is lost except honor.” The case casting of this clock is very well-known, and it has been featured in several books on french pendulum clocks.

Movement of this clock is classic, high quality Pendule á Paris model with running time of 14 days. Movement is fully restored. Case gilding is completely original.

Le Roy was one of the most famous clockmaker families in early 19th century France. They were the King’s clockmakers, and their dials often contained the text: Le Roy, Horloger Du Roi.

Case size is 26.5×37 cm.

Clock comes with 24-month service warranty.

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